What We Do

We create individualised Nutrition and Exercise plans that get RESULTS! 

Our Practise opened in 2010, we started out in a very small office in Castle Hill and since then we’ve  outgrown our space rapidly twice! Currently, our practise operates out of an office in Norwest Business Park, Bella Vista. Since our beginnings we’ve helped thousands of people reduce their medications, reduce and maintain their weight long term, discovered lots of food allergies/intolerances and managed old and new injuries so our clients can live their healthiest lives! Our clients often find us through referral through their GP or specialist or word of mouth from our many successful clients and we thank you for helping our practise become what it is today!

We believe that everyone has the ability to change their lifestyles and take control of their health. At Bites, we find you an enjoyable, easy way to do that. We are all real people who love food and exercise. We are also in the know with the latest food and exercise science. We combine both to help you find a way of living that you love and that helps you reach your health goals!

We work closely with your GP, specialists and other allied health professionals to ensure that your condition is managed from all perspectives. At Bites we offer you the complete package, our consultants can provide you with both dietary and exercise strategies so you can reach your health goals sooner.

What to expect of a consult?

Our Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists love food and being active! We all have a passion for tasty treats, eating out and entertaining! We love to share our clever hints for making easy, yummy recipes that nourish us and fit in with different diets eg. low sodium, cholesterol lowering, low fodmap. We’ll show you the tips we use to fit activity and eating well into our busy lifestyles and help you to do the same!

Generally your Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist will complete a thorough assessment of your goals and expectations, medical history, lifestyle, diet, activity levels and clinical factors. They may also weigh you and take some body composition measurements if appropriate. Following a detailed assessment, your input is welcomed as your Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist puts together a care plan including evidence based, practical strategies to adopt into your lifestyle.  A personalised meal and exercise program is usually provided as well as guidelines that will ensure you are on the path to success. Ongoing email support is also offered to clients, we understand that once you leave the clinic you may have additional queries or require extra information.  We love to hear feedback from our clients, please don’t hesitate to contact your Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist and let them know how things are going for you.


Our practitioners are all registered health professionals and hold the following accreditations:

Our practitioners are also registered Medicare, Department of Veteran’s affairs, SIRA and SafeWork NSW providers