At Bites we understand that one on one consultations in a clinic may not suit everyone.  We offer a range of service options in order to provide everyone with access to quality health services that they deserve.

One on One Consultations

(Dietitian or Exercise Physiologist)

(Initial – 50 mins)                                                                $130.00

(Review – 30 mins)                                                              $ 70.00

BODY FAT/ Skinfold Testing

(Body Composition Only Assessment)

$ 45.00

Benefits of skinfold testing: You get a measurable body fat change! Results are given in mm of body fat on 8 different body sites including biceps, triceps, shoulder blade, 3 points on the abdomen, thigh and calf. These numbers can be more meaningful and direct than other measures eg weighing on scales which don’t take into account gains in muscle mass in athletic populations or those beginning a resistance exercise program. Other methods used to predict body fat such as BIA scales estimate body fat through electrical conductivity and are prone to much error due to individual hydration levels and the calculations they use generally measure total body lipid not just fat tissue (this would include fat/oil that makes up membranes of all our body cells in our blood, bone etc). Skinfolds taken by trained anthropometrists deliver accurate and direct measures of your body fat. It is recommended to space sessions at least 2 weeks apart in order to see measurable changes as you change your training/nutrition.


Weight Loss Package (6 Sessions)

$ 400.00 (Save $80.00)

Includes: personalised meal plan, personalised exercise plan; recipes; tracking of weight/waist/hip measurements; email support. A target weight will be determined between you and your consultant, your meal and exercise plans will be designed to achieve your desired weight.

Athlete Package (6 Sessions)

$ 400.00 (Save $80.00)

Sessions cover any of the following topics/services on your request that are relevant to your goals:

  • How to fuel and hydrate for everyday and how this might change specific to different training conditions and competition;
  • Supplement options and a calculated fuelling plan for everyday and training/competition;
  • Carbohydrate loading;
  • Increasing muscle size and strength;
  • Achieving optimal weight for performance.
  • Personalised meal plan for everyday and/or competition based on individual needs;
  • Anthropometric assessment (weight, height, waist, hip);
  • Skinfolds (over biceps, triceps, shoulder blades, side of tummy, front of abdomen, middle of thigh, middle of calf) performed by an internationally accredited ISAK professional;
  • Tailored hydration regime for training/competition.

Sessions will have an emphasis on achieving optimal functioning for performance. You and your Dietitian/Exercise physiologist might choose to discuss all of the above or just a few topics in detail, what you get out of the sessions is highly dependant on your chosen sport, needs and questions.  If you wish, your plan may also incorporate achieving a target weight.

Skype/Phone Consultations

(Initial – 50 mins)                                                                 $130.00

(Review – 30 mins)                                                               $70.00

These sessions are helpful for our clients who move interstate, are frequent travellers and also for local clients who would like to take us on a virtual tour of their home environment/pantry/kitchen to better understand their lifestyles.

Home Visits within Sydney Metropolitan Areas

(DVA gold card holders)

(Initial/review)           No cost to patient , bulk billed  (Please present referral from your GP upon initial visit)

Home Visits within Sydney Metropolitan Areas

(Medicare and Private Patients)

(Within 15 km from clinic)                                                             add $50 to service

(Outside 15 km from clinic)                                                            add $75 to service

We Bulk Bill

Fees are bulk billed for Medicare/DVA Patients on an Enhanced Primary Care Plan/Chronic disease Management Plan/Team Care Arrangements. You must provide a copy of your plan at the time of consultation.

Use your Health Fund

Our Practitioners are registered with most major health funds for both Dietetics and Exercise Physiology services. Swipe your health fund card through our HICAPs machine and only pay the GAP!

Payment Methods

We accept EFTPOS, Cash, Mastercard/Visa, Health funds through HICAPs. Sorry, our terminal doesn’t accept American Express


24 hrs notice is kindly appreciated if you need to reschedule your appointment.  We understand that things may come up – email, SMS or voicemail notification is sufficient to notify us.  As we are a busy clinic, it is unfortunate when appointments are missed as there are often others waiting for our valuable time. A full cancellation policy applies for appointments that have been cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.