Our Nutrition Plans

Food is an integral part of our everyday life. We need to eat in order for our bodies to function. At Bites, we also believe that food should be enjoyed. ¬†Since eating is a daily occurrence, our diet shouldn’t feel restrictive, complicated and monotonous. We aim to devise plans that our clients look forward to. We promise never to deprive you of the things you love.

Everybody is different, no two people are alike.

  • We have different health issues
  • We have different body shapes
  • We have different health goals
  • We have different lifestyles
  • We like different foods

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians/Exercise Physiologists can guide you towards a lifestyle that nurtures YOUR body.

  • We have the scientific and medical knowledge to help you manage your health issues
  • We understand the principles behind human physiology and can help you bring out the best for your body shape
  • We can arm you with the necessary knowledge, strategies, recipes and plans that you need to achieve your goals

We also know that life is not straight forward, many people are diagnosed with more than one of the above conditions, our daily lives are chaotic, we have obstacles along the way, and we need someone to give us simple guidelines to follow that will give us fast results.  Let our team listen to your story, take care of the complicated and formulate a simple care plan that works for you.