Our sports nutrition consultants are dual qualified dietitians and exercise physiologists which means we have a very thorough understanding of the way your body functions during sporting performance.  We provide sports nutrition solutions on both a team and individual basis, see below for details.

Individual Consultations

Cut through all the rumour and myth about sports nutrition, you’ll have the opportunity to question an expert in sports nutrition as well as  learn how to use everyday foods to gain the body you train hard for. Individual sessions may cover the following topics where appropriate or requested by the athlete.

  • Body fat reduction – including frequent detailed anthropometric skin fold measures to track progress.
  • Lean muscle gain
  • Fueling, competition and recovery nutrition
  • Tailored supplement advice/regimes and ergogenic aids
  • Making weight safely
  • Goal specific diet plans
  • Hydration/Individual fluid replacement guidelines


Team Consultations

  • Pre and mid season anthropometric measures (ISAK methods)
  • Fluid balance and hydration testing (individual athlete sweat rates and fluid replacement guidelines calculated)
  • Team nutritional assessments and presentations